Spray Foam Insulation – The Key To A Comfortable Household And Lower Energy Bills

If you want to make your home more energy efficient, you should definitely consider implementing spray foam insulation. With this type of insulation, you will be able to maintain a constant and consistent comfort throughout your home, by creating a seamless air barrier. Furthermore, you will be allowed to do that, regardless of the weather conditions taking place outside.

This was just one of the benefits of this type of insulation. There are more, and if you want to know about them, keep reading this article.

Enhanced energy savings

Given just how strong of an insulator spray foam is, it is no wonder that both businesses and families have been able to save lots of money on their energy costs. This type of insulation has been proven to ensure energy savings of more than 50%, as opposed to some of other types which can achieve an average savings rate of around 25% to 30%.



This type of insulation is also capable of completely sealing off cracks and holes in your home’s crawl space or attic. It is no secret that air leaks are usually one of the biggest causes of high energy bills. By insulating your home, you will create a strong air tight seal, one that is proven to be more than 20 times less permeable to air infiltration than other insulation types.

Powerful insulation

When compared to other types of insulation, this type is generally considered far more effective. Due to its expansive nature, this type of foam can tightly seal all the nooks and crannies in your home, those that would have probably end up being left exposed otherwise. Spray foam’s ability to provide a reliable airtight seal is ranked R-6, which is considered the highest rank nowadays.

It can fight mold

This type of insulation is not only highly water resistant but also resistant to mold as well. Thanks to its inert polymer composition, it provides no food for bacteria or mold. Therefore, homes that are insulated with closed-cell insulation have a much higher resistance to mildew and mold.

It protects against moisture

All kinds of cracks and holes in your crawl space and walls will not only allow air to pass through. They will provide access to both moisture and water as well, if not sealed properly. Fortunately, this type of insulation is completely water resistant. This means that it will not only protect and seal your attic from leaks and airborne moisture but also be of great help in case of a flood, by not absorbing the water like the majority of other materials.

frosted glass


Aside from being highly effective, this insulation is also very eco-friendly too. With it, you can effectively create a “greener” household, by reducing your energy consumption. Additionally, it is also built to last indefinitely, thus producing a smaller number amount of consumed materials.

An indefinite lifespan

Thanks to its inert polymer composition, this type of insulation can basically last indefinitely. What this means is that you will not have to spend considerable amounts of money every few years, in order to insulate your home. Due to its unique ability to perform for prolonged periods of time, you will be in a position to save money over the next 30 or more years.…

Benefits of essential oils for the fire ant bites

Fire ants stings are painful and irritable. Over time their stings turn into red spots which progressively transform into small blisters that disappear with time. The fire ants sting effect is persistent until removed. The use of essential oils has proven effective in soothing the pain and occasioned by the bites.

Essential oils in relieving fire ants’ bites

fire ants

Essential oils are natural treatments for various ailments and can be used to ease swellings, itching and the pains to fast tracking healing. These oils can be used to alleviate pain, itching, and swelling to help speed up the healing process.

Popular essential oils

The following essential oils have proven effective in soothing fire ants bites.


Has a cooling property that eases congestion due to its anti-inflammatory nature. Peppermint essential oils tend to bring down the swellings as they soothe itching.

Tea tree

Is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory essential oil effective in treating fire ant stings.


Is a perfume scented calming herb. Lavender is both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic-key ingredients that make it a potent herb that calms and soothes the pain and itching occasioned by the fire ants bites.

Safe use of essential oils

  • Do NOT scratch the fire ant bites area, no matter how itchy they are. This will ensure that you do not bleed and risk infecting the wound further
  • Essential oils should NOT be applied directly on the irritated skin or bite area. For best results, they should be diluted in carrier oils such as coconut, olive, jojoba, apricot, etc.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women and their children should NOT use essential oils. They are however very safe when used correctly. In case of any concerns always consult your medical provider.
  • For best results: reapply the oil(s) every 2-4 hours.


fire ants

Essential oils are the best natural occurring remedies for soothing and treating fire ants stings among other ailments. Their safety is guaranteed as compared to chemical laden sprays and creams.