Selecting dog food for pitbulls


Dogs are man’s best friend. In fact, they could even be more than that. To some of us, they are considered part of the family. You wouldn’t want to feed a family member something that is subpar to their requirements. You should treat your pet the same. If you have a pit bull for a pet, they will survive on anything you give and feed them. But you wouldn’t want your dear pet just to survive; you will want them to thrive. You want them to live healthily and grow big. To do this, you will need to select the best and the proper dog food for your dear and your beloved pit bull.


dog foodTo remain healthy, high calorie dog food is essential for pitbulls to feed. These dogs require a diet that is high in protein and fat. This is due to their muscular build and their strong and agile nature. Your pet’s diet, of course, will not be a complete one without adding carbohydrates to the mix. Make sure you strike the proper balance between all these requirements so that it gets sufficient nutrition. Your pit bull will need around forty-five percent protein, twenty-five percent of fats, thirty percent of carbohydrates, and five percent of other vitamins and minerals. But remember that quantity is not the only thing that matters when it comes to their feed. Quality, too, is the utmost priority.

Diet options

When you choose to feed your dear pit bull some store-bought food, choose ones that are of high quality. Pick ones with meat instead of grains or some meat by-product as the premiere ingredient. Wet dog foods are great, but dry dog foods tend to be healthier. They commonly have a higher fat and calorie content which is better for your breed of dog. So when you have the choice between those two, you know which to pick.

Food to avoid

empty food bowlsAvoid any meat by-products. These are meats that come from dead and expired meat. This makes them unhygienic and unhealthy for consumption. You should also avoid any wheat, grains, corn, and soy as the first ingredient in the dog food. They don’t have any nutritional value for your canine. Plus, they can cause bloating in your pit bull. Stay away from sugar and preservatives as well. They are also known to cause some allergic reactions and obesity. You wouldn’t want to put your pet’s health in danger.