What you need to know about RC flight simulations

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RC flight simulators are meant to offer a real radio-controlled training experience. Interestingly, you learn how to operate an RC plane from the comfort of your home. Initially, the concept of using RC flight simulators was highly limited considering that computer systems at that time had limited speeds. With rapid improvements in computer systems, the idea of flight simulation has become very realistic. This software is an essential RC training aid, which has helped countless pilots learn the basics of flight training to perfection.

How an RC simulator works

Any RC simulator system is software-based. This software can be loaded into your re planecomputer via the CD drive or USB storage device. After successful installation, the simulator does not use a transmitter-based interphase controller. Instead of sending the radio signals to a real model, the signal passes through the cable and communicates to the software installed in your computer. Before getting any RC simulator, here are some qualities worth looking at.

Factors to consider when choosing an RC simulator

Quality and realism

How does the software look? Most modern top radio controlled plane look great. Ideally, a good software should show images that seem less computer generated. There is a list of many other attributes that make an RC simulator look real.

Variety of aircrafts

The choice of aircrafts and variety of flying grounds should be an important consideration for anyone looking for an RC simulator. Ideally, the more sites and crafts a software has to offer the better it becomes.

Customizable options

The ability to edit the scenery and the aircraft is another important quality to look for in an RC simulator. Any professional RC pilot would welcome a software that offers them editing options. Ability to customize the RC Sim makes the learning process easy and interesting.

Ease of use

RC planeYou have every reason to pick up an RC simulator that is easy to get started with and to use. The software chosen should be easy to install and use. Ideally, there should be no complication or technicalities arising from its use. Both the editing process and the gaming experience should be straightforward enough.

There are of course some major differences between virtual controllers and real ones. In actual RC flight training, you have to be prepared to deal with things like wind or other external forces. Well, modern RC simulators have of these effects only that they do not offer things like unpredictable gusts. Also, the simulator will not give you the experience of viewing things from the planes true orientation.